Links of Interest -- a very eclectic collection

Photo Dictionary of Buddhist and Shinto Deities
Buddhist Peace Fellowship Home Page
The World of Tibetan Buddhism--by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, about tantra, women's role in the highest trantric practices--it might suprise you.
Dharmanet Link page -- more links
Zen Centers--a database of Zen Centers of the world, listings by country
Padmasambhava Buddhist Center--check it out!
Site of Compassion and links therefrom--and other links to links
BuddhaZine BuddhaNet's Online Magazine--and other links to links
"Inside Tibet: A country tortured"--a very disturbing series of articles from the main Philadelphia daily newspaper the Inquirer, including documentation of torture inflicted on young nuns 

Some links of particular relevance to women in Buddhism
Women Active in Buddhism -- with listings of teachers, scholars, and more links,  including a link to Dharma Dykes and a paragraph on Rev. Sarika Dharma
bell hooks inteviews Pema Chodron--the african-american buddhist writer and teacher interviews the  resident teacher/director (abbess) of Gampo Abbey in Nova Scotia

Women in Buddhism, article from BuddhaZine, plus a gorgeous graphic of QuanYin
Bobbie Rhodes--a leading Zen teacher for the Kwan Um Zen tradition (there are a number of women listed on their page of teachers)